Deluxe Stereo Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Speakers (with remote control) – Long Range (up to 100 meters)

These premium wireless speakers are designed for use both indoors and outdoors with stylish and splash proof design. This performance is excellent and it is achieved by having a wide frequency response range because of the multiple speaker drivers. There will be both sound reproduction and transmission that range is designed to meet the expectations of demanding customers. This remote will keep watch over gives total freedom to use the speakers and you need to locate them.

Deluxe stereo indoor and outdoor wireless speakers:

These wireless speakers pick up signals that sent from your CD player, computer, iPod, iPhone, and Smartphone. The audio device uses the transmitter that plugs into the headphone or output socket. You will not have to make a decision where to put your speakers according to far and you will be able to run your speaker cables.

The speakers will be placed in rooms away from the sound source and that is a transmitter and even will be taken outdoors for occasional listening in the garden. When the usage of these speakers outdoors you will have a choice of freestanding use for the permanent installation the speakers will be surface mounted.

Features of deluxe stereo indoor and indoor wireless speakers:

The wireless speakers will have a range of up to 100 meters in ideal condition. This speaker is specifically designed for use both indoor and outdoor with their stylish and splash proof design. They even look great in a meeting room with their styling and appearance.

  • The deluxe indoor and outdoor wireless speakers are complete with a remote control to make using them even more convenient.
  • The design will be stylish conical and it is remote controlled.
  • This is a simple connection to iPod, mp3 players, and existing sound systems.
  • There will be high quality and crisp clear sound. This is simple setup and operation.
  • There will be adjustable sound volume and illuminated controls and speaker.
  • Speakers can be powered from batteries or from the power supplies.
  • A dual purpose like outdoor or indoor home and office.
  • This is sufficiently stylish to use for the simple office presentation and ideal for surround sound systems. It saves the masses of trailing wires.


These wireless speakers will pick up signals that sent from your CD player and computer and so on. This high gloss piano black finish creates a stunning look and of course there will be no tangled bunch of messy wires to detract from their sleek modern design.

You can choose to use these speakers indoors that you can place them at opposite ends of the room. These speakers will good and you will want to show off the visuals as well as the sound. This suitable for use with any audio device with a headphone socket that includes CD players and iPods. Great looking speakers with an excellent range of the WIFI transmitter and simple to use.