SCS ETC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 2 x3w Dual Drivers with Crystal, Clear and Huge Stereo Sound for PC, Laptop, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc (Black)

Wireless Bluetooth speaker are the next step in the speaker technology. The change will happen when CDs were slowly phased out by MP#s. This combined with high quality with low file size and makes it an ideal format for storing and transferring music. Bluetooth wireless speakers will use low-powered radio signals to communication. These radio signals at low power give a usable range of about thirty-three feet. This is most Bluetooth devices that use the more efficient low power signals.

Features of SCS ETC wireless Bluetooth speaker:

  • The Bluetooth wireless speaker has amazing sound for music, movies and gathering the stereo speaker is perfect for laptop and mobile phone on your office desk.
  • This is easy and quick to pair through Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away.
  • This is a built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling and support for TF card music playback.
  • There will be the built-in rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of playtime that include micro USB cable for charging.
  • With the button on the top, it will be easy to control music pause, play, and volume.
  • You can hear music anywhere anytime with wireless multi-room playback that is powered by song pal link.
  • There will be wireless surround and wireless stereo ready and you can connect two speakers with compatible Sony sound bars to playback full surround sound.
  • This is the best online music with built-in music streaming from the Spotify connect and Google cast for audio music services.

The base is good and the treble also respectable. There will be the good tightness of the sound even at high volume. The stereo effect is good when paired. This is the best way one can adjust the sound via slider controls of various frequencies. The product regarding connecting the units leaves a lot to be desired and even when downloads the manual.

There will be no difficulty connecting the stereo pair to Bluetooth but struggling with trying to connect to WLAN. This will be easy to set up and fantastic sound from a small speaker. This is a bit expensive but worth it.

There will be many advantages to using the Bluetooth over infrared wireless like no longer being required to use a line of sight. Bluetooth wireless speakers use low-powered radio signals to communication. By using these radio signals at lower power will give a usable range of around 10 meters. Most Bluetooth devices use the more efficient low power signals but some are capable of larger output power.


Bluetooth speakers generally consume low power. You will not need a hefty external power adapter to keep them running. This Bluetooth speaker is portability and uses them like headphones or earphones. This will carry a small pair of speakers in laptop bags to be used outdoors. This is low power consumption makes them an ideal choice for use.