UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth Waterproof and Shockproof Wireless Speaker – Black/Grey

Bluetooth technology continues to revolutionize the wireless world. These Bluetooth products allow you to connect too many different devices. There will be many advantages to using the Bluetooth over infrared wireless like no longer being required to use a line of sight. Bluetooth wireless speakers use low-powered radio signals to communication. By using these radio signals at lower power will give a usable range of around 10 meters. Most Bluetooth devices use the more efficient low power signals but some are capable of larger output power. The intention of this Bluetooth was not to be a high powered high distance protocol but it will create a personal area network.

UE BOOM 2 wireless Bluetooth speakers:

This Bluetooth speaker will make your next adventure even more epic with the clear sound and it will have the powerful bass of the UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker. This is your favorite playlists wherever you are from your own backyard to hiking trails, bike paths and the waterproof UE BOOM 2 can blast. You can also pair two speakers together for a full stereo sound that will keep you moving.

Features of UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth waterproof and shockproof wireless speakers:

You can connect this speaker wirelessly from up to 100 feet away. You can pair this speaker with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. This can include phones, tablets, and laptops. You can add up to 2 sources at once so that you and a friend can each contribute a playlist.

  • There will be rich sound and you can carry in the palm of your hand. This is perfect for hotel rooms and moving from room to room.
  • This portable device can slip into your bag to bring your music, movies and games to life on the go.
  • You can listen for up to 15 hours with the rechargeable battery. Also, you can use the micro USB charger to bring the speaker back to life quickly.
  • The intensity of dual passive radiators and dual performance drivers for strong highs and deep bass can blast your playlist.
  • You can stream up to 2 speakers for fuller sound. Sync your UE BOOM 2s to play the same music and then tap them together to create left and right outputs for stereo sound.
  • This speaker is waterproof, dirt proof and shockproof everywhere from a party to the pool to your favorite campsite.

By using the app you can download the free UE BOOM 2 for iOS and Android devices. Use this app to turn your speaker on remotely, get cool speaker updates and then access an expanding set of features like double up and alarm.

From this speaker you can build in microphone and call answer button never let your music drown out your phone again. The speakerphone is capability and let you make calls right from the speaker.

This is a portable and wireless speaker that has been updated to go on more great adventures. This speaker is designed for life.